Bonded, Insured and Accredited

Service Areas: Central Ohio and surrounding areas


Susan Briggs, Owner

I am Susan Briggs, founder of Home Watch Columbus. A lifelong resident of central Ohio, I pride myself on being a trustworthy professional and doing things the right way. Building trust, communicating, and maintaining client confidentiality are of the utmost importance to me.

Being a licensed realtor, property manager and property owner, I have witnessed firsthand some of the problems that can happen to an unattended property. From homes that were vacant for just a few days to a few months, and even homes being “checked on” by a neighbor or relative, I have seen water damage, pest infestation and hvac failures that have caused extensive damage to beautiful homes. Because no one should have to come home to find costly damage or try to manage repairs long distance, I realized a true need for a professional service dedicated to protecting a homeowner’s investment. I set out to be as educated and involved in the home watch industry as possible—learning from seasoned professionals. I chose to become accredited through the National Home Watch Association because I knew that if I were looking to hire a professional to watch over my most valuable asset, I would seek out a company that had invested the time and effort into being at the top of their game—a  company that holds itself to the highest standards and operates with integrity. Home Watch Columbus is proud to be the first and only accredited home watch service in central Ohio.

A vacant home is a vulnerable home. Trust Home Watch Columbus to protect your investment and provide you peace of mind while you are away from home.